Plan your own wedding flawlessly with Street Smart Bride, the only on-demand wedding planning service that helps you save thousands on a wedding planner.

How It Works


Meet for a free 30-minute planning session via phone & get all my money-saving tips! This call is guaranteed to save you thousands.


Decide which parts of your wedding to co-plan and which parts you’ll handle solo. It will all be crystal clear after your free planning call.


Get as much or as little on-demand help planning your wedding as you want without the $10K-$15K price tag. We’re just a call away.

The Street Smart Experience

We meet so many brides who live with regrets. They had the best of intentions when they set out to plan their own wedding… but they blew the budget, had unanticipated emergencies and spent 6 to 12 months – not to mention their entire wedding day – stressed out about things they never could have anticipated. Instead of spending the rest of their lives remembering their wedding day fondly, they struggle to get over the disappointment.


Street Smart Bride, led by wedding planning expert Cherie Di Salvo, gives you all the know-how to avoid the dangers & pitfalls of wedding planning without the price tag of a full-service wedding planner. We help you plan the wedding of your dreams flawlessly.

About Our Founder:

Cherie Di Salvo

“You just don’t know what you don’t know.” In her 30 year career in the wedding industry, Cherie saw so many brides try to plan their own wedding with disastrous results.


She realized that brides needed all the benefits of a seasoned wedding consultant without the cost of full-service wedding planning and so, Street Smart Bride was born.


Cherie’s work is world-renowned for its creativity and originality – from concept to execution. Her passion is helping brides and grooms enter into marriage with happiness and not regret.

The Wedding Fine Print

What You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know!

Here are just a few of the disasters you’ll avoid with Street Smart Bride.


Going over budget
Getting overcharged by vendors
Hiring vendors whose work isn’t as advertised
Booking vendors out of order – a costly mistake!
Getting tricked by the fine print on vendor-contracts
Missing important day-of planning logistics
Being disappointed on your wedding day

Pricing & Packages

Street Smart Bride is designed for every budget.


From our free planning call to our highest level of service, we tailor every aspect of our services to your needs.


Don’t be shy about reaching out to us. You’re guaranteed to save thousands on your first call, free.




E: hello@streetsmartbride.com